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G-30: M41 Improved Target Acquisition System

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G-30. The ITAS is primarily a mounted system utilizing the M1121 HMMWV as the carrier vehicle. The M1121 HMMWV is a one-vehicle (1 1/4-ton truck) combat system air transportable, versatile, maintainable, and survivable. The vehicle carries one complete launcher system, seven encased missiles, and a three-man crew. The tactical or training situation may demand crew dismount the carrier and employ the ITAS in dismounted or tripod configuration.

G-31. The M41 ITAS fires all existing and future versions of the TOW family of missiles. The ITAS provides the integration of both the daysight and NVS into a single housing and for automatic boresighting. It has embedded training (for sustainment training) and advanced built-in test/built-in-test equipment (BIT/BITE), which provides fault detection and isolation.

G-32. The automatic missile tracking and control capabilities of the ITAS provide a high first-round-hit probability. To operate the system, the gunner places the track gates on the target, fires the missile, and centers the crosshairs on the target image until missile impact. The optical tracking and command functions within the system guide the missile to the target as long as the gunner keeps the crosshairs on target.

G-33. The ITAS provides the Infantry platoon and squads with advanced optics during daylight and limited visibility to aid in surveillance and target acquisition in both offensive and defensive missions.

G-34. The ITAS can be vehicle-mounted or ground-emplaced (tripod-mounted) for operation. Missiles can be launched from either operational mode. The entire system can be carried by a single crew for short distances. Moving it over long distances without the vehicle will require two crews, which causes two systems to be out of operation at the same time. The vehicle-mounted launcher is more mobile and can be prepared quickly for use. The launcher can be assembled and disassembled without the use of tools.

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