Infantry Drills

G-48: Shoulder-Launched Munitions in the Antiarmor Role

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G-48. When Soldiers employ the M136 AT4, M136A1 AT4CS and M72-series LAW to defeat threat armored vehicles, it requires Soldiers to engage threat vehicles using single or paired shots. Gunners require positions allowing engagement against the flank or rear of the target vehicles. They must seek covered and concealed positions from where targets can be engaged. The M136A1 AT4CS is the only SLM that can be fired safely from within an enclosure because of its countermass propulsion system. TM 3-23.25 advises firing the M136 AT4 and M141 BDM from an enclosure under combat conditions only when no other tactical option exists due to the risk of both auditory and nonauditory injury.

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