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G-49: Shoulder-Launched Munitions Warhead Effects on Armor

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G-49. SLM warheads have excellent armor penetration ability and lethal after-armor effects (especially the M136 AT4, M136A1 AT4CS and M72A7). The extremely destructive shaped-charge explosives can penetrate more than 14 inches (35.6 centimeters) of rolled homogeneous armor. Types of warhead armor effects follow and are illustrated in figure G-14 (page G-26):

  • Impact. The nose cone crushes; the impact sensor activates the fuze.
  • Ignition. The fuze element activates the electric detonator. The booster detonates, initiating the main charge.
  • Penetration. The main charge fires and forces the warhead body liner into a directional gas jet penetrating armor plate.
  • Spalling (after-armor effects). The projectile fragments and incendiary effects produce blinding light and highly destructive results.
Figure G-14. Effects of SLM warheads on armor targets

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