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G-58: Antiarmor Ambush Role

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G-58. Antiarmor ambushes usually are conducted to destroy small groups of armored vehicles, force the enemy to move slowly and cautiously, or force the enemy into a choke point. Units conducting an antiarmor ambush can use Javelins or TOWs for this purpose. The Javelin and TOW have a slow rate of fire, so other weapons systems must be prepared to engage the vehicles while the Javelin gunners attach the CLU to new rounds or the TOW gunners load new rounds. The Javelin’s 2000-meter range and TOW’s 3750-meter range allow flexibility in choosing ambush positions. In addition to fires into the kill zones, the Javelin and TOW can be employed in a security role to guard high-speed avenues of approach, to slow or stop enemy reinforcements, or to destroy vehicles attempting to flee the kill zone. (See figure G-19.)

Figure G-19. Antiarmor ambush

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