Infantry Drills

G-6: M136 AT4/M136A1 AT4CS

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G-6. The M136 AT4 is a lightweight, self-contained, SLM designed for use against the improved armor of light-armored vehicles. It provides lethal fire against light-armored vehicles, and has some effect on most enemy field fortifications.

G-7. The M136A1 AT4CS is similar to the M136 AT4, but uses a different propulsion system. This system enables the M136A1 AT4CS to be fired from an enclosure.

G-8. The M136 AT4 and M136A1 AT4CS is a round of ammunition with an integral, rocket-type cartridge. The cartridge consists of a fin assembly with tracer element; a point detonating fuze; and a HEAT warhead (See figures G-1 and G-2, both page G-4.)

Figure G-1. M136 AT4 launcher and HEAT cartridge
Figure G-2. M136A1 AT4CS launcher and HEAT cartridge

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