Infantry Drills

G-63: Shoulder-Launched Munitions

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G-63. Figures G-21 through G-30 (pages G-35 through G-41) and table G-11 (page G-36) illustrate surface danger zones and back blast danger zone information for SLM. (Refer to DA Pamphlet 385-63 and TM 3-23.25 for more information.)

Figure G-21. M136 AT4 backblast danger area
Table G-11. AT4 Surface danger zones criteria in meters
Figure G-22. Surface danger zones for firing M136 AT4
Figure G-23. Surface danger zones area F for firing M136 AT4
Figure G-24. M136A1 AT4CS backblast danger area
Figure G-25. Surface danger zones area for firing M136A1 AT4CS
Figure G-26. M72A2/3 LAW backblast area
Figure G-27. Improved LAW backblast danger area
Figure G-28. Surface danger zones for firing Improved LAW
Figure G-29. M141 BDM backblast danger area
Figure G-30. Surface danger zones for firing M141 BDM

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