Infantry Drills

G-67: Engagement from a Fighting Position

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G-67. The M72-series LAW, M136 AT4, and M141 BDM can be fired from the standard Infantry fighting position. However, to increase accuracy and reduce danger to friendly Soldiers, the area to the rear of the firing position must have no walls, large trees, or other obstructions within five meters (5 1/2 yards). Ensuring the absence of such obstructions avoids deflection of weapon back blast onto the shooter or into the position:

  • Individual Infantry fighting position. The Soldier must lean against the rear wall and ensure the venturi or the rear of the weapon protrudes past the rear of the position.
  • Two-Soldier Infantry fighting position. Nonfiring personnel must remain clear of the back blast area. These positions should be constructed and sited so none are located in another position’s back blast danger zone.
  • Modified firing position. A modified firing position may be constructed to the side of the two-Soldier fighting position. Firing from a modified position reduces the possibility of injury to the shooter or the other Soldier in the fighting position, while still offering the shooter protection from enemy return fire.

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