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G-70: Firing from Enclosures

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G-70. The Javelin can be fired from inside a building. However, the room from which it is fired must be at least 7 feet high, 12 feet wide and 15 feet deep:

  • Debris. Debris and loose objects are cleared from behind the launch site when firing within a confined area.
  • Venting. When possible, doors and windows are opened to allow the back blast and overpressure to escape.
  • Structural damage. Escaping gases from the missile’s first-stage motor are hot and flammable. The materials that can catch fire easily are removed before firing. For example, some types of curtains and throw rugs.
  • Hearing protection. All personnel within 25 meters of the Javelin must wear hearing protection.
  • Face shield. The face shield protects the gunner’s face. It is possible to damage the face shield absorber between the indentation and CLU main housing. If this part of the face shield is missing, the gunner must switch from firing the Javelin with the right eye to the left eye.

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