Infantry Drills

Section I: Munitions

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G-1. SLM and CCMS are used against field fortifications, enemy vehicles, or other similar enemy targets. SLM are issued to Infantry Soldiers as rounds of ammunition in addition to their assigned weapons. While Javelins are organic to the Infantry weapons squad, TOW missile weapon systems are found in the assault platoons in the Infantry battalions weapon company. This section discusses the specific types of SLM and CCMS the Infantry platoon employs. Section II discusses their employment considerations. Section III discusses safety. For complete information refer to TM 3-23.25, Shoulder-Launched Munitions; TC 3-22.37, Javelin-Close Combat Missile System, Medium; FM 3-22.34, TOW Weapon System; and TC 3-22.32, Improved Target Acquisition System, M41.

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