Infantry Drills

Section II: Employment Considerations

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G-35. The objective of the Army’s warfighting doctrine is to concentrate decisive combat power at the right time and place, by massing fires rather than by massing forces, and by presenting the enemy with multiple threats. This section discusses SLM and CCMS employment considerations. A lethal mix of CCMS and SLM provide the Infantry unit with the flexibility to employ multiple systems designed to deliver maximum direct fire lethality and destroy enemy formations at both long range and in close combat. At close combat range (15-300 meters), SLM provide Soldiers with the ability to deliver direct fire lethality at close proximity to the enemy. At extended range (300-4500 meters), a mix of Javelin and TOW provides the Infantry leader with overwhelming combat overmatch. These weapons serve as vital components by applying overlapping and interlocking fires to achieve synergy and mutual support for his maneuver force.

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