Infantry Drills

Appendix H: Obstacle Reduction and Employment

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The Army defines mobility operations as obstacle reduction by maneuver and engineer units to reduce or negate the effects of existing or reinforcing obstacles. (Refer to ADRP 3-90 for more information.) Mobility permits the Infantry platoon and squad to move from place to place while retaining the ability to fulfill its primary mission.

Countermobility operations help isolate the battlefield and protect attacking forces from enemy counterattack, even though force mobility in offensive actions normally has first priority. (Refer to ADRP 3-90 for more information.) Obstacle employment provides security for the Infantry platoon and squad as its fight progresses into the depth of the enemy’s defenses.

This appendix provides information on the types of obstacles (see section I), reduction of enemy obstacles (see section II), and employment of friendly obstacles (see section III). (Refer to ATTP 3-90.4 and ATP 3-34.20 for more information.)

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