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H-105: General-Purpose Charge

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H-105. This charge is the most useful ready charge for reducing a door or other barrier. It can cut mild steel chain and destroy captured enemy equipment. To construct the general purpose charge—

  • Take a length of detonation cord about two feet long. Using another length of detonation cord, tie two uli knots around the 2-foot long cord.
  • The uli knots need to have a minimum of six wraps and be loose enough for them to slide along the main line, referred to as an uli slider.
  • Trim the excess cord from the uli knots and secure them with tape.
  • Cut a block of C4 explosive to a two-inch square.
  • Tape one slider knot to each side of the C4 block, leaving the length of detonation cord free to slide through the knots.

H-106. To place the charge, perform the following:

  • To reduce a standard door, place the top loop of the charge over the doorknob. Slide the uli knots taped to the C4 so the charge is tight against the knob.
  • Prime the loose ends of the detonation cord with an MDI firing system and detonate.

Note. To cut mild steel chain, place the loop completely around the chain link to form a girth hitch. Tighten the loop against the link by sliding the uli knots.

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