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H-107: Rubber Band Charge

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H-107. The rubber band charge is an easily fabricated lightweight device that can be used to remove the locking mechanism or doorknob from wooden/light metal doors, or to break a standard-size padlock at the shackle. To construct the rubber band charge, —

  • Cut a 10-inch piece of detonation cord and tie an overhand knot in one end.
  • Using another piece of detonation cord, tie an uli knot with at least eight wraps around the first length of cord.
  • Slide the uli knot tightly up against the overhand knot. Secure it in place with either tape or string.
  • Loop a strong rubber band around the base of the uli knot tied around the detonation cord.
  • Tie an overhand knot in the other end of the cord to form a pigtail for priming the charge.

H-108. To place the charge, attach the charge to the doorknob (or locking mechanism) by putting the loose end of the rubber band around the knob. The charge must be placed between the knob and doorframe. This ensures the explosive is over the bolt securing the door to the frame.

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