Infantry Drills

H-132: Scatterable Mines

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H-132. SCATMINEs are laid without regard to a classical pattern. They are designed to be delivered remotely by aircraft, artillery, missile, or a ground dispenser. All U.S. SCATMINEs have a limited active life and self-destruct after life has expired. The duration of the active life varies with the type of mine and delivery system.

H-133. SCATMINEs enable minefield emplacement in enemy-held territories, contaminated territories, and in most other areas where it is impossible for engineers, the platoon or squad to emplace countermobility obstacles. They may be used to support the platoon’s and squad’s mission by turning, fixing, disrupting, and blocking the enemy. However they are used, they must be planned and coordinated to fit into the overall obstacle plan. (Refer to ATP 3-90.8 for more information.)

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