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H-134: Modular Pack Mine System, Man-Portable

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H-134. The man-portable, 162-pound, suitcase-shaped MOPMS dispenses a total of 21 mines (17 AT mines and 4 AP mines). It propels them in a 35-meter, 180-degree semicircle from the container. Mines are dispensed on command using the M71 remote control unit (RCU) or an electronic initiating device such as the M34 blasting machine. When dispensed, an explosive propelling charge at the bottom of each tube expels mines through the container roof. (See figure H-14, page H-40.)

H-135. Infantry platoons and squads can use MOPMS to create a protective minefield or to close lanes in tactical obstacles. The safety zone around one container is 55 meters to the front and sides, and 20 meters to the rear. MOPMS has duration of four hours, which can be extended up to three times for a total of 16 hours. Once mines are dispensed, they cannot be recovered or reused. If mines are not dispensed, the container may be disarmed and recovered for later use. The RCU also can self-destruct mines on command, allowing a unit to counterattack or withdraw through the minefield. The RCU can control up to 15 MOPMS containers or groups of MOPMS containers from a distance of 300 to 1000 meters.

Figure H-14. Modular pack mine system

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