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H-142: SLAM

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H-142. The M4 SLAM is a multipurpose munitions with an anti-tamper feature. (See figure H-18.) It is compact and weighs only a kilogram. It is easily portable and is intended for use against armored personnel carriers, parked aircraft, wheeled or tracked vehicles, stationary targets (such as electrical transformers), small (less than 10,000 gallon) fuelstorage tanks, and ammunition storage facilities. The explosive formed penetrator warhead can penetrate 40 millimeters of homogeneous steel. The SLAM has two models (the selfneutralizing [M2] and self-destructing [M4]). The SLAM’s four possible employment methods include: bottom attack, side attack, timed demolition, and command detonation.

Figure H-18. Selectable lightweight attack munitions

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