Infantry Drills

H-143: M93 Hornet

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H-143. The Hornet is a man-portable, nonrecoverable, AT/antivehicular, off-route munitions made of lightweight materiel (35 pounds) one person can carry and employ. It is capable of destroying vehicles by using sound and motion detection methods. It will automatically search, detect, recognize, and engage moving targets by using top attack at a standoff distance up to 100 meters. It can be a stand-alone tactical obstacle or can reinforce other conventional obstacles. (See figure H-19, page H-46.)

H-144. It disrupts and delays the enemy, allowing long-range, precision weapons to engage more effectively. This feature is particularly effective in non-LOS engagements. It normally is employed by combat engineers, Rangers, and SOF. The RCU is a handheld encoding unit interfacing with the Hornet when the remote mode is selected at the time of employment. After encoding, the RCU can be used to arm the Hornet, reset its self-destruct times, or destroy it. The maximum operating distance of the RCU is two kilometers.

Figure H-19. M93 Hornet

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