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H-155: Triple Standard Concertina Fence

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H-155. The most common wire entanglement a platoon or squad may build is the triple standard concertina fence. It is built of either barbed wire concertina or barbed tape concertina. There is no difference in building methods. The material and labor requirements for a 300-meter triple standard concertina fence are—

  • Long pickets – 160.
  • Short pickets – 4.
  • Barbed wire, 400-meter reels – 3.
  • Rolls of concertina – 59.
  • Staples – 317.
  • Man-hours to erect – 30.

H-156. First, lay out and install pickets from left to right (facing the enemy). Put the long picket’s five paces apart and short (anchor) picket’s two paces from the end of the long pickets. (See figure H-21, page H-50.) The enemy and friendly picket rows are offset and are placed three feet apart. Now lay out rolls of concertina. Place a roll in front of the third picket on the enemy side, and two rolls to the rear of the third picket on the friendly side. Repeat this step every fourth picket thereafter. Install the front row concertina and horizontal wire. (See figure H-22, page H-50.) Place the concertina over the pickets. Install the rear row of concertina and horizontal wire. Install the top row of concertina and join the rear horizontal wire. (See figure H-23, page H-50.)

Figure H-21. Triple standard concertina fence
Figure H-22. Installing concertina
Figure H-23. Joining concertina

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