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H-53: Antipersonnel Obstacle Breaching System

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H-53. The Antipersonnel Obstacle Breaching System (APOBS) (see figure H-8, page H-18) is a man-portable device capable of quickly creating a footpath through AP mines and wire entanglements. It provides a lightweight, self-contained, two-man, portable line charge rocket-propelled over AP obstacles away from the obstacle’s edge from a standoff position.

H-54. For dismounted operations, the APOBS is carried in 25-kilogram backpacks by no more than two Soldiers for a maximum of two kilometers. One backpack assembly consists of a rocket-motor launch mechanism containing a 25-meter line-charge segment and 60 attached grenades. The other backpack assembly contains a 20-meter line-charge segment and 48 attached grenades.

H-55. The total weight of the APOBS is about 54 kilograms. It is capable of creating a lane about 0.6 by 45 meters and is fired from a 25-meter standoff.

Figure H-8. Antipersonnel obstacle breaching system

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