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H-56: Man Portable Line Charge

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H-56. The man portable line charge (MPLC) is a lightweight, man-portable; rocket-launched explosive line charge system that assists in breaching through a complex mined or trip-wired environment. (See figure H-9.) The MPLC NSN No. 1375-01-593-8347, provides a precise, portable mine clearing weapon system at the small tactical unit level providing the ability to create a lane in urban and complex mined or trip-wired environments. Mobility and survivability is increased due to immediate precision fire from covered or concealed positions.

H-57. The system weighs about 35 pounds and can easily be carried, set up, and detonated by one Soldier. It is a rocket-launched explosive system designed to clear an area of other explosives. A Soldier proficient on the MPLC can set up and detonate an explosive in about one minute.

H-58. The MPLC provides small tactical units with the ability to conduct clearing operations in urban and complex, mined or trip-wired environments; in covered or concealed positions. It is designed to assist in the clearing of a narrow footpath to a target by exposing, disrupting or neutralizing IED trigger mechanisms, while minimizing collateral effects on noncombatant personnel, structures and property.

H-59. The MPLC system is self-contained in a backpack designed for carry and deployment by one Soldier. The system requires no additional special tools or equipment, however, a hammer, may be needed to secure the launch pad to the ground. Once the system is in place, a “shock tube” firing system will initiate the rocket and detonate the line charge.

H-60. MPLC offers a three-prong approach to optimal breaching effectiveness: It reduces time on target, improves information operations by reducing collateral damage during tactical operations and improves freedom of movement.

H-61. MPLC is composed of a plastic bonded explosive line charge, a small rocket motor used to deploy the line charge, an arresting strap, a launch rod, and dual shock tube housed in a SKIN-PACK detonator assembly. The shock tube is initiated by two M81 firing devices. The shock tubes are connected through an energetic transfer assembly that contains a PBXN-5 booster. All of these items are contained in a backpack.

Figure H-9. Man portable line charge

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