Infantry Drills

H-77: Cut the Wire

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H-77. To cut through a wire obstacle with stealth, —

  • Cut only the lower strands and leave the top strand in place, making it less likely the enemy will discover the gap.
  • Cut the wire near a picket. To reduce the noise of a cut, have another Soldier wrap cloth around the wire and hold the wire with both hands. Cut part of the way through the wire between the other Soldier’s hands and have him bend the wire back and forth until it breaks. If you are alone, wrap cloth around the wire near a picket, partially cut the wire, and bend and break the wire.

H-78. To reduce an obstacle made of concertina, —

  • Cut the wire and stake it back to keep the breach open.
  • Stake the wire back far enough to allow room to crawl through or under the obstacle.

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