Infantry Drills

H-9: Demolition Obstacles

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H-9. Units create demolition obstacles by detonating explosives. ATP 3-34.20 covers demolitions in detail. There are many uses for demolitions, but some examples are road craters and abatis.

H-10. Road craters are obstacles on roads or trails if the areas on the flanks of the crater are tied into steep slopes or mined areas. Road craters can compel the opposing force to use earthmoving equipment, blade tanks, or mechanical bridging assets.

H-11. Abatis are only effective if large enough trees, telephone poles, or other similar objects are available to stop the opposing force. An abatis is an obstacle created by cutting down trees so their tops are crisscrossed and pointing toward the expected enemy direction. It is most effective for stopping vehicles in a forest or narrow movement routes. This obstacle may be reinforced with claymore or non- persistent mines.

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