Infantry Drills

Selected Battle Drills

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J-1. Battle drills are initiated on a cue, such as an enemy action or the leader’s order, and are a trained response to that stimulus. They require minimal leader orders to accomplish, and are vital to success in combat and critical to preserving life.

J-2. This appendix identifies essential battle drills that an Infantry platoon and squad must train on to ensure success. They include:

  • Battle Drill 1: React to Direct Fire Contact (07-3-D9501)
  • Battle Drill 2: Conduct a Platoon Assault (07-3-D9514)
  • Battle Drill 2A: Conduct a Squad Assault (07-4-D9515)
  • Battle Drill 3: Break Contact (07-3-D9505)
  • Battle Drill 4: React to Ambush (Near) (07-3-D9502)
  • Battle Drill 5: Knock Out a Bunker (07-3-D9406)
  • Battle Drill 6: Enter and Clear a Room (07-4-D9509)
  • Battle Drill 7: Enter a Trench to Secure a Foothold (07-3-D9510)
  • Battle Drill 8: Conduct the Initial Breach of a Mined Wire Obstacle (07-3-D9412)
  • Battle Drill 9: React to Indirect Fire (07-3-D9504)
  • Battle Drill 10: React to a Chemical Attack (03-3-D0001)
  • Battle Drill 11: React to an IED (05-3-D1703)
  • Battle Drill 12: Dismount a BFV and ICV (07-3-D9433)
  • Battle Drill 13: Mount a BFV and ICV (07-3-D9434)
  • Battle Drill 14: Execute Action Right or Left While Mounted (07-3-D9437)

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