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1-17: Operations Process

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1-17. The operations process is the Army’s overarching framework to integrate processes and activities across the force by means of mission command. It consists of major mission command activities performed during operations, including:

  • Planning is the process by which leaders translate the commander’s visualization into a specific course of action (COA) for preparation and execution, focusing on the expected results. Planning to determine the relationship among the mission variables begins with the analysis and assessment of conditions in the operational environment, with particular emphasis on the enemy. It involves understanding and framing the problem and envisioning the set of conditions representing the desired end state.
  • Preparation consists of activities performed by units to improve their ability to execute an operation. Preparation includes, but is not limited to, plan refinement, rehearsals, information collection and assessing, surveillance, and reconnaissance. This includes coordination, confirmation briefs and back briefs, inspections, and movement.
  • Execution is putting a plan into action by applying combat power to accomplish the mission, and using situational understanding to assess progress and make execution and adjustment decisions.
  • Assessment refers to the continuous monitoring and evaluation of the current situation and progress of an operation. Assessment precedes and guides every operations process activity and concludes each operation or phase of an operation. It involves a comparison of forecasted outcomes to actual events. (Refer to ADRP 6-0 for more information.)

1-18. TLPs are a dynamic process used by small-unit leaders within this framework to analyze a mission, develop a plan, and prepare for an operation. Small-unit leaders, company and below, lack formal staffs and use TLPs to maximize available planning time while developing plans and preparing their units for an operation. (Refer to appendix A of this publication for more information.)

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