Infantry Drills

1-40: Infantry Squad

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1-40. Currently, there is only one type of Infantry squad and its primary role is a maneuver or base-of-fire element. (See figure 1-3.) While the platoon’s task organization may change, the Infantry squad’s organization generally remains standard.

1-41. The Infantry squad is a model for all tactical task organizations. It is comprised of two fire teams and a squad leader. It can establish a base of fire, providing security for another element, or conducting fire and movement with one team providing a base of fire, while the other team moves to the next position of advantage or onto an objective. The squad leader has two subordinate leaders to lead the two teams, freeing him to control the entire squad.

Note. The combat load for an SLM is two per rifle squad. Either two M72-series light antitank (AT) weapon, M136-series antitank (AT4), M141 bunker defeat munitions (BDMs), or a combination of are normally issued to the rifleman.

Figure 1-3. Infantry Squad

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