Infantry Drills

1-43: Medium Machine Gun Team

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1-43. The two-man medium machine gun team is comprised of a gunner and an assistant gunner. The weapon squad has two medium machine gun teams. These teams provide the platoon with medium-range area suppression at ranges up to 1100 meters during day, night, and adverse weather conditions.

Note. When referring to the medium machine gun in this manual, it refers to the M240-series machine gun. There are several variants of the M240. They are the M240, M240B, M240C, M240D, M240E, M240G, M240H and M240L, each supporting their specific platform. The M240B is the standard Infantry medium machine gun of the U.S. Army. The M240L machine gun is the next generation medium machine gun, currently being fielded to replace the M240B.

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