Infantry Drills

1-49: Weapons Squad Leader

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1-49. The weapons squad leader leads his teams by personal example. He has complete authority over his subordinates and overall responsibility for those subordinates’ actions. This centralized authority enables him to act decisively while maintaining troop discipline and unity. Under the fluid conditions of modern warfare, he accomplishes assigned missions using disciplined initiative without needing constant guidance from higher headquarters.

1-50. The weapons squad leader is usually the senior squad leader, second only to the platoon sergeant, and performs all the duties of the rifle squad leader. In addition, the weapons squad leader—

  • Controls fires and establishes fire control measures.
  • Recommends medium machine gun employment to the platoon leader.
  • Coordinates directly with the platoon leader for medium machine gun base-of-fire effect, and plans accordingly.
  • Monitors ammunition expenditure.
  • Coordinates directly with the platoon leader in placement of the Javelin-CCMS to best cover armored avenues of approach in the defense and overwatch positions in the attack.
  • Employs mission command systems available to the squad and platoon.
  • Performs the role of the platoon sergeant as required.
  • Conducts troop leading procedures.
  • Understands the mission two levels up (platoon and company).

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