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1-57: Grenadier

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1-57. The grenadier currently is equipped with an M203/M320 weapon system consisting of an M16-series or M4-series rifle/carbine and an attached 40-mm grenade launcher. He provides the fire team with a high trajectory and an HE capability out to 350 meters. His fire enables the fire team to achieve complementary effects with high trajectory, HE munitions, and flat trajectory ball ammunition from the team’s weapons. The grenade launcher allows the grenadier to perform three functions: suppress and destroy enemy Infantry and lightly armored vehicles with HE or high explosive dual purpose (HEDP); provide obscurants to screen and cover his squad’s fire and movement; and employ illumination rounds to increase his squad’s visibility and mark enemy positions. The grenadier—

  • Accomplishes all tasks of the rifleman.
  • Engages targets with appropriate type of rounds both day and night.
  • Identifies 40-mm rounds by shape and color. He must know how to employ each type of round and know its minimum safety constraints.
  • Knows the maximum ranges for each type of target of the grenade launcher.
  • Knows the leaf sight increments without seeing the markings.
  • Knows how to make an adjustment from the first round fired so a second-round hit can be attained.
  • Loads the grenade launcher quickly in all firing positions and while running.
  • Is prepared to assume the duties of the automatic rifleman and team leader.
  • Understands the mission two levels up (squad and platoon).

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