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1-59: Rifleman

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1-59. The rifleman provides the baseline standard for all Infantry Soldiers and is an integral part of the fire team. The rifleman is an expert in handling and employing the weapon and placing well-aimed fire on the enemy. Additionally, the rifleman must:

  • Be an expert on his weapon system, his rifle, its optics, and its laser-aiming device, and is effective with this weapon system day or night.
  • Be capable of engaging all targets with well-aimed shots.
  • Employ all weapons of the squad, as well as common munitions.
  • Construct and occupy a hasty firing position and know how to fire from it. He must know how to occupy covered and concealed positions in all environments and what protection they provide from direct fire weapons, and is competent in the performance of these tasks while using night vision devices.
  • Fight as part of his unit, which includes proficiency in his individual tasks and drills.
  • Know the duties of his teammates and is prepared to fill in with their weapons, if needed.
  • Contribute as a member of special teams, including detainee search, aid/litter, demolitions and. wire/mine breach teams.
  • Inform his team leader of everything he hears and sees when in a tactical situation.
  • Perform individual preventive medical measures.
  • Administer buddy aid as required.
  • Manage his food, water, and ammunition during operations.
  • Be prepared to assume the duties of the automatic rifleman and team leader.
  • Understand the mission two levels up (squad and platoon).

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