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1-60: Platoon Radiotelephone Operator

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1-60. The platoon radiotelephone operator (RTO) primarily is responsible for communication with its controlling headquarters (usually the company). During operations, the RTO—

  • Has communications at all times. If communication with the platoon’s next higher element is lost, the radiotelephone operator immediately informs the platoon leader or platoon sergeant and reestablishes communication.
  • Conducts radio checks with higher according to unit standard operating procedures when in a static position. If radio contact cannot be made as required, he informs the platoon sergeant or platoon leader.
  • Is an expert in radio procedures and report formats such as close combat attack (see figure 1-5), call for indirect fire (see figure 1-6, page 1-24), or medical evacuation (see table 7-1, page 7-5). Plus is an expert on types of field expedient antennas.
  • Has the frequencies and call signs on his person in a location known to all Soldiers in the platoon.
  • Assists the platoon leader with information management.
  • Assists the platoon leader and platoon sergeant employing digital mission command systems with the squads and platoon.
  • Determines his combat load prior to operations and manages battery utilization during operations.
Figure 1-5. Attack Aviation Call for Fire Brief Format

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