Infantry Drills

1-61: Squad-Designated Marksman

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1-61. The squad-designated marksman employs an optically enhanced general-purpose weapon. He also receives training available within the unit’s resources to improve the squad’s precision engagement capabilities at short and medium ranges.

1-62. A rifleman may be assigned as the squad-designated marksman. He is chosen for his demonstrated shooting ability, maturity, reliability, good judgment, and experience. He must be able to execute the entire range of individual and collective rifleman tasks within the squad. (Refer to FM 3-22.9 for more information.)

1-63. The squad designated marksman is not the squad sniper, he is a fully integrated member of the rifle squad and provides an improved capability for the rifle squad. He does not operate as a semi-autonomous element on the battlefield as a sniper, nor does he routinely engage targets at the extreme ranges common to snipers.

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