Infantry Drills

1-64: Machine Gunner

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1-64. The gunner is normally the senior member of the medium machine gun team. During operations, the gunner—

  • Is responsible for his assistant gunner and all the gun equipment.
  • Is responsible for putting the gun in and out of action.
  • Is the subject matter expert for information contained in FM 3-22.68.
  • When attached to a rifle squad, is the subject matter expert for employment of the medium machine gun, and advises the rifle squad leader of the best way to employ the medium machine gun.
  • Enforces field discipline while the gun team is employed tactically.
  • Knows the ballistic effects of the weapon on all types of targets.
  • Assists the weapons squad leader and is prepared to assume his responsibilities.
  • Understands the mission two levels up (squad and platoon).

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