Infantry Drills

1-110: Lethality

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1-110. The BFV features an improved Bradley acquisition system, which adds an
improved target acquisition subsystem and missile control subsystem. The improvements include a second-generation, forward-looking infrared thermal sight; a target-designation function; dual-target tracking; an eye-safe laser range finder; an automatic gun-target adjustment; automatic optical alignment; and “hunter-killer” capability. Second-generation forward-looking infrared thermal sight allows the Bradley commander or gunner to identify and acquire targets beyond the range of the vehicle’s weapon systems. The improved Bradley acquisition system enables the user to acquire, recognize, identify, and automatically track two targets within the same field of view and selected magnification, day or night. The M2A3 BFV can use the 25-mm cannon or 7.62-mm machine gun to engage either of two targets appearing in the same field of view and any aspect, and the TOW while stationary.

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