Infantry Drills

1-113: Limitations

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1-113. The platoon leader must understand the limitations of the BFV-equipped
mechanized Infantry platoon to effectively employ the platoon. These limitations include the following:

  • BFVs are vulnerable to enemy antiarmor fires, attack helicopters, mines, AT guided missiles, and close attack aircraft.
  • Rifle squads are vulnerable to small arms, improvised explosive device (IED), and indirect fires when not mounted.
  • The foot speed of the dismounted Soldiers may establish the pace of operations.
  • The BFV poses a variety of challenges in water-crossing operations. Between other things, the platoon could have difficulty finding adequate fording sites or a bridge with a sufficient weight classification.
  • Radio communications may be significantly degraded in built-up areas and other restricted terrain.
  • Noise generated by BFVs may prevent them from arriving in an area undetected.

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