Infantry Drills

1-83: Dismounted Element

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1-83. Three, nine-man rifle squads make up the platoon’s dismounted element. The rifle squads are organized as follows:

  • The rifle squad has two, four-man fire teams and a squad leader.
  • Each fire team is comprised of a —
    • Fire team leader.
    • Squad automatic weapon (SAW) gunner.
    • Grenadier.
    • Rifleman.
  • One of the riflemen in the fire team is designated and trained as the antiarmor
  • specialist and fires the Javelin close combat munitions.
  • The other rifleman in the squad is the squad’s designated marksman.

1-84. Based on the mission, the squad can carry the Javelin command launch unit and missiles as well as an M240B medium machine gun.

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