Infantry Drills

1-106: Combat Lifesaver

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1-106. The CLS is a nonmedical Soldier trained to provide enhanced first aid/lifesaving procedures beyond the level of self-aid or buddy aid. The CLS is not intended to take the place of medical personnel. Using specialized training, the CLS can slow deterioration of a wounded Soldier’s condition until treatment by medical personnel is possible. Each certified CLS is issued a CLS aid bag. Whenever possible, the platoon leader ensures each fire team includes at least one CLS.

1-107. The CLS—

  • Ensures that the squad CLS bag and litters are properly packed and stored.
  • Identifies Class VIII shortages to the platoon medic.
  • Participates in all casualty treatment and litter-carry drills.
  • Uses enhanced first-aid skills in the field until casualties can be evacuated.
  • Knows the location of the casualty collection point and the TACSOP for establishing it.

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