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1-88: Platoon Sergeant

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1-88. The platoon leader should consider the platoon sergeant a fighter by trade and place him in the tactical plan either dismounted or maneuvering the mounted element. The platoon sergeant is the senior NCO and most experienced Soldier in the platoon. He assists and advises the platoon leader. In the platoon leader’s absence, he leads the platoon. He supervises the platoon’s administration, logistics, and maintenance. He handles individual training management and the professional development of his Soldiers. He advises the platoon leader on appointments, promotions and reductions, assignments, and discipline of NCOs and enlisted Soldiers in the platoon. His tactical expertise in platoon operations includes maneuver of the platoon and employment of all weapons.

1-89. The platoon sergeant—

  • Controls the mounted element when the platoon leader dismounts; or, dismounts with, commands, and controls the platoon when necessary (METT-TC dependent).
  • Updates the platoon leader on appropriate reports, and forwards reports needed by higher headquarters.
  • Takes charge of task-organized elements in the platoon during tactical operations, which may include, but are not limited to, quartering parties, support elements in raids or attacks, and security patrols.
  • Serves as a Bradley commander when the platoon operates mounted.
  • Monitors the morale, discipline, and health of platoon members.
  • Ensures Soldiers maintain all equipment.
  • Coordinates and supervises company directed platoon resupply operations.
  • Collects, prepares, and forwards logistical status updates and requests to the company headquarters.
  • Ensures ammunition and supplies are properly and evenly distributed after the platoon consolidates on the objective and while the platoon reorganizes.
  • Directs the platoon’s casualty evacuation process during mounted or dismounted operations.
  • Maintains platoon strength information, consolidates and forwards the platoon’s casualty reports, and receives and orients replacements.
  • Receives section and squad leaders’ administrative, logistical, and maintenance reports and requests for rations, water, fuel, and ammunition.
  • Ensures Soldiers distribute supplies according to the platoon leader’s guidance and direction.
  • Accounts for Soldiers, equipment, and supplies.
  • Coaches, counsels, and mentors Soldiers.
  • Upholds standards and platoon discipline.

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