Infantry Drills

1-92: Bradley Commander

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1-92. The platoon leader, platoon sergeant, and the two section leaders serve as the Bradley commander for their BFVs. In the platoon leader’s absence, the gunner assumes the responsibilities of the Bradley commander.

1-93. The Bradley commander—

  • Acquires targets.
  • Commands the vehicle.
  • Controls vehicle fires.
  • Ensures the welfare of the crew.
  • Holds the vehicle’s position in platoon formations.
  • Issues fire commands.
  • Lays the gun for deflection.
  • Maintains the BFV hull and turret.
  • Maintains the BFV weapon systems.
  • Monitors the commander’s tactical display for vehicle position, digital overlays, and digital reports.
  • Navigates correctly, with or without precision navigation system.
  • Sends SITREPs as requested or when the vehicle makes contact.
  • Trains Soldiers to use weapons.

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