Infantry Drills

1-119: Organization

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1-119. The platoon must prepare to fight in a variety of operational environments. Once the rifle squads have dismounted, the mounted element can provide a base of fire for the rifle squads as they close with and destroy the enemy. Figure 1-10 (page 1-42) depicts the platoon headquarters, the mounted elements, and the Infantry squads. The platoon can fight as in multiple mutually supporting maneuver elements to include—

  • Squad leader controls two dismounted teams and mounted Stryker vehicle.
  • The squads fight dismounted while the Stryker vehicles move in vehicle sections.
  • The platoon fights in sections with mounted and dismounted elements supporting one another.
  • The platoon fights with dismounted squads and Stryker vehicles or as two distinct maneuver elements one mounted and one dismounted.
Figure 1-10. Stryker platoon organization

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