Infantry Drills

1-121: Stryker Infantry Rifle Squad

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1-121. Each of the three rifle squads consists of a rifle squad leader and ten Soldiers. The rifle squad leader is the senior tactical leader of the squad and controls the squad’s movement and fires. He conducts squad training and maintains the squad’s ability to conduct successful tactical missions.

1-122. Each Infantry squad is further organized into three teams, two four-man teams consisting of a team leader, a grenadier, and an automatic rifleman. The fourth member within each fire team is a rifleman with the added duties of being either the squad’s antitank specialist or the squad’s designated marksman. The third team consists of the vehicle commander and the vehicle driver.

1-123. The fire team leader is a fighting leader and leads his team by example. He
controls the movement of his team and the placement of fires against enemy soldiers and assists the squad leader as required.

1-124. The vehicle commander is responsible for the overall employment of the ICV when the squad leader is not mounted and operates the ICV’s defensive armaments. The vehicle driver operates the vehicle during all conditions. At the vehicle commander’s direction, the driver negotiates the vehicle through all terrain and obstacles to safely deliver the Infantry rifle squad to the point of employment on the battlefield.

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