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1-150. The Remote Weapon Station-Improved (RWS-I M151E2) is a weapon mount
turret on which an M2HB .50-caliber machine gun or MK19 40-mm grenade machine gun can be mounted. It is remotely operated from inside the vehicle compartment, providing complete armored protection from direct enemy fire. The remote operation of the RWS–I M151E2 is carried through the computerized fire control unit and a joystick. This enables the part of the weapon station above vehicle deck, remote controlled elevation and depression of the weapon mount and 360 degrees unrestricted traverse rotation. The system also has remote weapon charging capability as well as firing. A stabilization system enables the operator to track and engage targets while on the move. The tracking and control capabilities of the RWS-I M151E2 provide a high first-round hit probability against stationary and moving targets.

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