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1-151: Characteristics

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1-151. The RWS M151E1 is mounted to the top right side of the vehicle and is operated and controlled from the interior of the chassis. The RWS M151E1 can accept either the M2 or the MK19 40-mm grenade machine guns. It has the following characteristics:

  • Both day and night operation modes.
  • Traversing a full 360 degrees under power.
  • Powered traverse and elevation at a rate of 80 degrees per second.
  • Maximum elevation of +60 degrees.
  • Maximum depression of –20 degrees.
  • Foldable for transportability.
  • Integrated fire control unit color display for operator interface.
  • Smoke grenade launchers for local protection capable of firing four banks of four grenades each.
  • Thermal imaging module: Provides visual images for both day and night operations.
  • Video imaging module: Provides a color day camera for clear and easier target identification.
  • A Small, Tactical, Optical, Rifle-Mounted (STORM), Micro-laser Rangefinder is mounted above the thermal imaging module and allows for accurately determining the range to a target. It also provides visible aiming lasers, and an infrared aiming laser. Although the STORM laser range finder is capable of much more, only these features are utilized when mounted on the RWS M151E1.

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