Infantry Drills

1-153: Employment Considerations

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1-153. Leaders must consider the following guidelines when employing Stryker Infantry during decisive operations:

  • Squads and platoons fight through enemy contact at the lowest possible level. Upon enemy contact, all Soldiers and leaders must act at once and follow up. Battle drills are standard procedures that help the platoon take immediate action.
  • Before they can maneuver, squads or platoons in contact must establish effective suppressive fires and gain fire superiority. If the platoon or squad cannot move under its own fires, the leader must request support from the commander. Once they gain fire superiority, they maneuver against an enemy position. The Stryker ICV can suppress the enemy, move to a dismount location (if caught in the open), and dismount the rifle squads. The ICVs quickly build a base of fire for the rifle squads to maneuver.

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