Infantry Drills

1-162: SBCT Infantry Rifle Company

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1-162. The SBCT Infantry battalion has three Infantry companies with three Infantry platoons each. The SBCT Infantry rifle company can be task organized based upon METT-TC. Its effectiveness increases through the synergy of combined arms including Infantry, engineers, and other support elements. The SBCT Infantry rifle company as a combined arms force can capitalize on the strengths the company’s elements while minimizing their respective limitations. SBCT units can operate in most terrain and weather conditions. They might be the dominant arm in fast-breaking operations because of rapid strategic deployment, and mobility capabilities. In such cases, they can take and gain the initiative early, seize and hold ground, and mass fires to stop the enemy. Figure
1-15 illustrates the organization of a SBCT Infantry rifle company. (Refer to ATP 3-21.11 for more information.)

Figure 1-15. SBCT Infantry rifle company

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