Infantry Drills

2-12: Forms of Maneuver

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2-12. Leaders select the form of maneuver based on METT-TC. The leader then
synchronizes the contributions of all warfighting functions to the selected form of maneuver. An operation may contain several forms of offensive maneuver, such as frontal attack to clear enemy security forces, followed by a penetration to create a gap in enemy defenses, which in turn is followed by an envelopment to destroy a counterattacking force. While Infantry platoons and squads do not have the combat power to conduct all forms of maneuver on its own, they will participate as part of a larger organization. The six forms of maneuver are—

  • Envelopment.
  • Turning movement.
  • Frontal attack.
  • Penetration.
  • Infiltration.
  • Flank attack.

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