Infantry Drills

2-24: Mission Command

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2-24. In the Infantry platoon, the platoon leader is the central figure in mission command and is essential to integrating the capabilities of the warfighting functions. Mission command invokes the greatest possible freedom of action to his subordinates, facilitating their abilities to develop the situation, adapt, and act decisively through disciplined initiative within the platoon leader’s intent. It focuses on empowering subordinate leaders and sharing information to facilitate decentralized execution.

2-25. Mission command conveys the leader’s intent, and an appreciation of METT-TC, with special emphasis on—

  • Enemy positions, strengths, and capabilities.
  • Missions and objectives, including task and purpose, for each subordinate element.
  • Commander’s intent.
  • Areas of operations for use of each subordinate element with associated control graphics.
  • Time the operation is to begin.
  • Scheme of maneuver.
  • Special tasks required to accomplish the mission.
  • Risk.
  • Options for accomplishing the mission.

2-26. In addition to mission command warfighting function tasks, five additional tasks reside within the mission command warfighting function. These tasks are—

  • Conduct military deception.
  • Conduct civil affairs operations.
  • Install, operate, and maintain the network.
  • Conduct airspace control.
  • Conduct information protection.

2-27. The planning and coordination requirements and procedures for offensive tasks are the same for both mechanized and Stryker Infantry units. The mechanized and Stryker platoon leader, however, must consider the following:

  • The speed of the BFV versus speed of the dismounted Infantryman.
  • The increased firepower of the BFV and Stryker and supporting weapons.
  • The ability to rapidly bring combat power to bear at the decisive point with enhanced communication and coordination capabilities.

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