Infantry Drills

2-38: Intelligence

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2-38. Leaders use threat event templates, the situation template, the likely threat COA, the most dangerous threat COA, civil consideration products, terrain products, and other intelligence products. The platoon leader may need to request information through the company intelligence support team (CoIST) company intelligence analyst from the battalion staff to answer platoon information requirements. (Refer to FM 3-21.10 for more information.)

2-39. By studying the terrain, the leader tries to determine the principal enemy heavy and light avenues of approach to the objective. Leaders also try to determine the most advantageous area the enemy’s main defense might occupy, routes the enemy may use to conduct counterattacks, and other factors such as OAKOC. The attacking unit continuously conducts information collection during the battle because it is unlikely the leader has complete knowledge of the enemy’s intentions and actual actions.

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