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2-70: Fire Team Wedge

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2-70. The wedge (see figure 2-7) is the basic formation of the fire team. The interval between Soldiers in the wedge formation is normally 10 meters. The wedge expands and contracts depending on the terrain. Fire teams modify the wedge when rough terrain, poor visibility, or other factors make control of the wedge difficult. The normal interval is reduced so all team members still can see their team leader and all team leaders still can see their squad leader. The sides of the wedge can contract to the point where the wedge resembles a single file. Soldiers expand or resume their original positions when moving in less rugged terrain where control is easier.

2-71. In this formation the fire team leader is in the lead position with his men echeloned to the right and left behind him. The positions for all but the leader may vary. This simple formation permits the fire team leader to lead by example. The leader’s standing order to his Soldiers is, “Follow me and do as I do.” When he moves to the right, his Soldiers should move to the right. When he fires, his Soldiers fire. When using the lead-by-example technique, it is essential for all Soldiers to maintain visual contact with their leader.

Figure 2-7. Fire team wedge

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