Infantry Drills

2-84: Platoon Leader Responsibilities

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2-84. Like the squad leader, the platoon leader exercises mission command primarily through his subordinates and moves in the formation where he can best achieve this. The squad leader and team leader execute the combat formations and movement techniques within their capabilities based on the platoon leader’s guidance.

2-85. The platoon leader is responsible for 360-degree security, for ensuring each subordinate unit’s sectors of fire are mutually supporting, and for being able to rapidly transition the platoon upon contact. He adjusts the platoon’s formation as necessary while moving, primarily through the three movement techniques. Like the squad and team, this determination is a result of the task, the nature of the threat, the closeness of terrain, and visibility.

2-86. The platoon leader also is responsible for ensuring his squads can perform their required actions. He does this through training before combat and rehearsals during combat. Well-trained squads are able to employ combat formations, movement techniques, actions on contact, and stationary formations.

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