Infantry Drills

2-89: Moving as a Part of a Larger Unit

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2-89. Infantry platoons and squads often move as part of a larger unit’s movement. The next higher commander assigns the platoon a position within the formation. The platoon leader assigns his subordinates an appropriate formation based on the situation, and uses the appropriate movement technique. Regardless of the platoon’s position within the formation, it must be ready to make contact or to support the other elements by movement, by fire, or by both.

2-90. When moving in a company formation, the company commander normally
designates a base platoon to facilitate control. The other platoons cue their speed and direction on the base platoon. This permits quick changes and lets the commander control the movement of the entire company by controlling only the base platoon. The company commander normally locates himself within the formation where he can best see and direct the movement of the base platoon. The base platoon’s center squad is usually its base squad. When the platoon is not acting as the base platoon, its base squad is its flank squad nearest the base platoon.

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